A Hıdden Paradıse Kumluca


For a Mediterranean adventure where you will discover the magnificent harmony of unique historical textures, nature and the sea, you can start from Sulu Island and visit Pirate Bay, Olympos Ancient City, Çıralı Yanartaş, Rhodiapolis Ancient City, Papaz Bay, Mavikent Nature Park and Gelidonya Lighthouse.


Sulu island is called the Maldives of the Mediterranean. With its 2 white sandy beaches and turquoise sea, Sulu Island is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year and is especially famous for boat tours. Enjoy the island's beautiful beach, which is too beautiful to swim.


It is a large bay connected to Kumluca Karaöz Village on Mavikent Town. It is accepted as Karaöz Bay among the locals. Kumluca is one of the points that attracts the most local and foreign tourists among the places to visit.

Olympus Ancıent Cıty

Kumluca’ya bağlı Kuzdere Mahallesi sınırları içerisinde bulunan Olympos Antik Kenti, ilçe merkezine yaklaşık 28 kilometre uzaklıktadır. Beydağları Milli Parkı sınırları içerisinde bulunan kent, antik dönemde liman olarak uzun bir süre faaliyet göstermiştir.

Mount Chimaera

The Unquenchable Fire of Olympos: Yanartaş is located in a scenic location near the sea, the flames coming out of the stones attract the attention of tourists. It has been burning for 2500 years, it has also been the subject of Greek mythology.

Rhodıapolis Ancıent Cıty

Among the places to visit in the ancient city of Rhodiapolis are a small theatre, an aqueduct, the temple of Asclepius, sarcophagi and church ruins. In 2011, a Lycian cemetery dating back to 300 BC was discovered.


Located in Mavikent Neighbourhood of Kumluca, Papaz Pier is among the most popular promenade areas of the region. Access to the pier can be made by private car or Mavikent minibuses.


Limyra is one of the ancient Lycian cities located 9 km northeast of Finike. The ancient city of Limyra served as the capital of the Lycian civilization for a period of time.

Gelıdonya Lıghthouse

Gelidonya Lighthouse, located in Yeşilköy district of the district, is among the important historical buildings of the region. Built in 1934, the location of the lighthouse offers a unique view.

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