Rizom Beach Hotel, aims to fully satisfy all its guests by offering Rizom hospitality in the best way during their holiday.


Rizom Beach Hotel has adopted the vision of being the indispensable address of conservative holiday and uplifting the Rizom Hotels brand to the highest level, with an understanding of protecting your family sensitivities.


Within the scope of accommodation management and by adhering to TS EN ISO 9001, TS EN ISO 22 000 and TS ISO 10 002 and SMIIC 9 Halal Tourism Services standards, Rizom Beach Hotel guarantees

  • To inform its employees on the reasons why its guests prefer Rizom Beach Hotel,
  • To comply with the legal requirements by providing the necessary resources and information during tourism activities, to comply with the legal regulations in its products and services, and not to compromise on guest satisfaction, quality management, food safety management, halal tourism service management, occupational health and safety management, environmental management, energy management and information security management systems.
  • To act in accordance with food safety in Rizom kitchen and and during service,
  • To continuously improve its system in line with the demands of its guests, staff and stakeholders and developing conditions,
  • To ensure guest satisfaction with the principle of 'justified complaints are compensated' and to take swift action on guest suggestions.


Rizom Beach Hotel, guarantees the following as halal tourism service policies;

  • Providing guests with halal food and drinks,
  • Providing guests with spaces to perform their prayers,
  • Taking precautions to ensure the privacy of guests,
  • Ensuring the compliance of the hotel with current applicable laws, regulations, OIC/SMIIC 9 standard, legitimacy requirements and other requirements to which the hotel is subject to,
  • To be committed to continuous improvement in processes that include halal conditions,
  • ⮚ Informing the hotel staff, subcontractors, suppliers and all other third parties about their halal management system responsibilities.

With our conservative hotel concept, we offer a unique holiday, sharing your family sensitivities, with separate pools for men and women, SPA centers and family beach.

Prepared for the hotel guests, the beach is waiting for you with every detail thought out to make you and your family feel comfortable.

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